With RushFiles connect your devices to your corporate file share

RushFiles is a free app to connect your iPhone or iPad to your corporate file share. RushFiles makes it easy to access and share files with you colleagues or external partners. You can access files from anywhere, both online or offline.

View files or share them easily with others. From a corporate perspective you can easily secure files by:

  • Control where files are located
  • Decide which rights each user has to the files
  • Easily remote wipe a device, if it is stolen or lost
  • Access to on-premise files
As an user you will benefit from the following features:
  • Browse your files and folders
  • View, open and share files directly from your device
  • Decide how long a file will stay on your device
  • Decide how you will open or view a file
  • Get access to files from external partners in the same App
  • Always be in sync with the corporate file server
  • Always have access to the latest version of the file

To use RushFiles you will need an account with one of RushFiles partners.

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