Tempo Mobile

Never let your musical instrument or equipment out of your sight!

Tempo Mobile’s interactive touch-based mapping system lets you:

  • See your instrument's real-time location and location history
  • Track your instrument with your Tempo AnyCase™ GPS Tracking Device or your Prodigy™ Violin Case in real time
  • Receive Motion Alerts by text message and email if anyone moves your instrument or tries to open your case without your knowledge
  • Track your instrument's location on demand or tell your device to report its location automatically every five minutes
  • Change tracking modes and Motion Alert settings remotely from anywhere in the world using your phone or tablet
  • Zoom to street level to see your instrument's location to within a few feet using satellite-based maps
  • Monitor speed, battery level, GPS and cellular signal strength, direction, alert statuses and more
  • See important safety and security notifications, such as Geofence boundary crossing alerts, high temperature alerts, AutoSafe Shutoff Mode Activation alerts, and more
  • Adjust your personal settings and more!

Tempo Mobile™ works with:
  • The Tempo AnyCase™ GPS Tracking Device, which mounts inside any musical instrument case or gear case
  • The Prodigy™ Violin Case, with integrated GPS tracking technology and an automatic, electronic internal climate control system

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